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Real Africa launch new safari expeditions

Real Africa launch new safari expeditions

The luxury safari specialist Real Africa is pleased to launch a new portfolio of safari travel expeditions. Covering many countries in Africa, there are a large variety of trips to choose from such as individual tailor made luxury experiences through to small group tours with like minded travellers.

Guests who take a safari holiday in Africa, for example, have two primary options. These options are to either go for large-group activities, with dedicated photo-ops and a set itinerary; option two is the personalized experience, during which guests are provided with a guide, a car, and a date to return. For those who opt for the second option, there are unique experiences to be had.

Safari holidays can provide excellent value for money and no occasion is too big or too small for a safari holiday to be able to cater to whatever it is that travellers may want. Whether it be with a large gathering or group, the celebration of a special event, or a special honeymoon getaway, safari holidays in Africa are a good way to bring some enjoyment to travellers.

The trips will vary in length and style with a number of trip itineraries designed to take visitors to more than one national park so that they can fully appreciate the landscape whilst others focus on one area, ideal if this area is of particular interest to visitors. Some of the more physical safari trips include trekking through demanding landscape, such as the mountainous region of Uganda where travelers can observe gorillas in their natural habitat, a truly inspiring experience for those involved.

Another popular safari holiday spot is the location of Kenya. The Masai Mara features prides of lions lying in wait for the passing of wildebeests, gazelles, and antelopes that will supply their next meal. At Lake Nakuru, visitors will be astounded by the presence of the multitude of bird life and can also try to spot leopard, rhino and buffalo as well. Kenya is also the location of Lake Naivasha, which is a beautiful fresh water lake.


Botswana has a wide range of habitats from marshlands, plains, swamps and forests and a holiday to this location includes a trip to Victoria Falls. Guests will see herds of elephants and lions in the Chobe National Park. Vehicles used for safaris have plenty of windows and roof hatches for optimal photographing opportunities. Take a sunset cruise on the river and watch as the wildlife come to the water’s edge.