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PromPeru arrives at Arabian Travel Market

PromPeru arrives at Arabian Travel Market Alvaro Silva-Santisteban, director, PromPeru, left, celebrates with World Travel Awards president Graham Cooke at Arabian Travel Market

PromPeru, the trade, tourism and investment office of Peru in Dubai will be present for the first time at ATM with a National Pavilion.

Peru is ranked among the world’s ten most preferred destinations according to Ernst & Young, and Peru’s ministry of foreign trade and tourism has said that they expect a nine to ten percent increase in visitor arrivals in 2013.

The United Arab Emirates is of great importance to Peru as it attracts growing numbers of Emirati travellers and tourists from the UAE year-on-year.

In January 2013 the nation was listed in Time Out Dubai’s ‘Travel Hot List’ as the UAE’s second favourite long-haul destination. It is a diamond in South America, rich, sparkling, multi-faceted; there is a Peru for everyone.

This interest has been helped in part by the growing number of flight connections, but it is also due to the growing awareness of Peru’s rich culture and status as one of the ‘cradle of civilisation’.

At ATM this interest will be showcased in the Peruvian Pavilion, supported by five leading Peruvian travel specialists.

Additionally, a Dubai based Peruvian chef will be treating ATM visitors to Peruvian gastronomic delights.

Located on the central west coast of South America, it is steeped in over 10,000 years of history.

Over the course of time the country has been home to a host of ancient cultures including the Inca Empire, the largest in Pre-Columbian America.

Modern travellers to Peru can therefore explore some of the most important historic monuments of South America, including the world-renowned Machu Picchu, a magical city, which is now counted as one of the new Seven Wonders of the World and Lima, the country’s vibrant capital city, also known as the ‘city of kings’.

Peru is one of the ten ‘mega diverse’ countries in the world, meaning it is extremely biodiverse and boasts an abundance of flora and fauna.

Peru’s geography also nurtures a sense of adventure, varying from the hot and arid plains of the Pacific coast to the imposing peaks of the Andes Mountain range, and the lush tropical forests of the Amazon Basin and hiking trails are a popular holiday activity.

For those looking for something more extreme, there’s climbing in the mountains, sand boarding in the coastal dunes, canoeing in the rivers, or trekking along the Inca trail, or surfing on one of nature’s miracles in Chicama.

It is the world’s longest wave stretching over four kilometres.

The country has rapidly embraced change, and modern Peru is an evocative blend of past and present.

From dress to popular art, music and literature, tourists will encounter a mix of sights, sounds and cultural expressions that have been passed down through the generations and are keeping ancient cultures alive.

Markets are full of trinkets and souvenirs reflecting this culture of bygone ages; handicrafts, clothing made from alpaca, antiques and artwork, and gold and silver jewellery.

At ATM 2013 Alvaro Silva-Santisteban, director of PromPeru, commented: “Few countries have coastlines, mountains and jungles.  Even fewer countries are, or have been Empires, and only seven have a ‘Wonder of the World’, and only chosen ones can be considered leading culinary destinations.

“To our luck Peru has it all. ATM is a wonderful venue to showcase the magic of Peru, the country with many destinations and something for everyone.”