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Projects Abroad provides support to fleeing refugees

Projects Abroad provides support to fleeing refugees

Since the fighting resumed in the Ivory Coast last month and political tension continues to grow, Projects Abroad, the international volunteering company is announcing that it is providing care to over 2000 registered refugees that have fled to the Western region of Ghana.

Projects Abroad has been running projects that provide care and medical support in Ghana for more than 15 years and the project is now extending to help the huge number of Ivorians seeking refuge in Ghana. This support is going to be a lifeline for many; especially as 20,000 more are expected to arrive in the next couple of weeks as the political crisis worsens.

Projects Abroad’s medical volunteers will be providing medical outreach services like helping children with infected wounds and insect bites, plus ensuring that anyone with a more severe medical condition is referred for treatment. Teaching volunteers will provide children for whom no schooling is currently available with classes in French and English. A care programme will also be offered with sports and educational games for the older children and some extra care and attention for the younger kids.

Peter Slowe, founder of Projects Abroad comments: “Our volunteers provide a lot of support all over Ghana but their help has never been more vital to Ghanaians and Ivorians than it is now. Projects Abroad volunteers in Ghana previously worked with Liberian refugees following their civil war. By providing these basic services we will be helping to improve the lives of thousands of refugees who have fled their homes.”