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PlaneSmart! aviation opens new headquarters

PlaneSmart! aviation opens new headquarters

PlaneSmart! Aviation finished construction of its new headquarters facility at the Addison Airport (ADS) and began operations from the new base last week.  The project marks the end of an “extreme makeover” initiative that transformed a dated maintenance building into an aircraft showroom with country club accoutrement.

PlaneSmart! provides a first rate, yet cost effective alternative to traditional air transportation for pilots and non-pilots alike.  The new location affords room needed to accommodate an increasing customer base and fleet under one roof. 

“Our business has expanded during hard economic times because the market found our service to be needed and desirable” said Michael Brosler, the company’s President and CEO.  “The new facility not only accommodates our growing infrastructure, but provides a convenient and world class atmosphere for customers to begin and end their travels.”

The site selected has proven to be beneficial to both PlaneSmart! and the Town of Addison.  Located alongside a highly visible thruway, the original hangar was built in the 1970s, and was one of the original businesses at Addison Airport.  “We have established a good working relationship with PlaneSmart! and are pleased to be partnered with them in the re-development of this prominent location within our City,” said Joe Chow, Mayor of Addison.  “The improvements made help increase local commerce, as well as beautify our Town, both of which benefit our community.”

An Open House with public officials to commemorate the event is being planned for an upcoming date in May.  Be sure to check PlaneSmart!‘s website or look for a future announcement with more details.