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Pegasus expands voice services offering

Pegasus expands voice services offering

Pegasus Voice Services enables hotels to maintain a global call center presence without expensive overhead costs, managing voice reservations for a hotel or hotel group, so staff can focus on serving customers. Often credited as the second-most important revenue generation channel, behind online, voice reservations can drive as much as a quarter of a hotel’s bookings.

“A weak voice presence can single-handedly diminish every other investment you have made in selling your hotel rooms,” said Ges Doran, Senior Vice President, customer support and voice services for Pegasus Solutions, “A customer booking through a desktop or mobile site may make secondary contact by phone to confirm details, finalize arrangements, or alter a booking. The call support offered can either reinforce confidence in your brand, complete a sale, or drive them to explore other options. They want staff who speak their language and who are trained on your hotel and branding, and you want to make sure you don’t miss any revenue opportunities.”

Pegasus Voice Services provides flexible options that can be tailored to fit a hotel’s specific business needs with call-gating support during peak under-staff hours or full-time call answering. The highly-trained sales staff has both sales and hotel experience, and undergoes regular coaching, training, and test calls. Seamless call routing allows staff to quickly answer calls in the travel agent or guest’s own language, reducing potential frustration in booking.

Maintaining a call center is an expensive option for hotel brands. Pegasus Voice Services infrastructure and technology enable hotels to replace the fixed overhead costs associated with in-house staffing, technology, and management of reservation call services with a competitive per-minute fee when services are needed. The call centers in the US, Madrid, Singapore, and Sao Paulo provide support in English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Cantonese, Korean, Mandarin, and Japanese, ensuring coverage of important global outbound travel markets.

More information on Pegasus Voice Services and Pegasus’ other mobile, reservation, online marketing, distribution, financial services, and representation solutions are available at ITB Berlin, Hall 8.1, Stand 111.