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Oz-Bus adds London-Kathmandu to its 2010 schedule, by popular demand

Oz-Bus adds London-Kathmandu to its 2010 schedule, by popular demand

Oz-Bus, The epic adventure bus company that runs tours from London to Sydney and London to New York is now selling a new shorter option, London to Kathmandu, commencing on 14th February.

The trip is in response to the huge number of enquiries from those who cannot spare the full 92 days to travel by bus all the way to Sydney, but are still looking for a significant trip rather than a holiday. The London to Kathmandu trip (which can also be taken in reverse, as can all Oz-Bus trips) is a very worthwhile and memorable alternative. The best selling Oz-Bus trip from London to Sydney takes some 46 days to reach Kathmandu in Nepal, crossing through 13 of the 17 countries that the classic trip traverses.  Apart from the excitement of reaching Sydney itself, Kathmandu is often cited as the destination highlight for many of the Oz-Bus passengers who find the mountainous wilderness, gentle people and pace of life hugely enriching after the culture shock and exciting, colourful tempo of Iran, India and Pakistan.


As with all Oz-Bus trips, the journey includes roofed accommodation in simple but authentic hotels and hostels, with breakfast daily, a tour leader from beginning to end, local guides and knowledgeable drivers in each country, national park passes and the chance to participate in plenty of adventure.  Oz-Bus places a strong emphasis on responsible travel by putting as much money back into local communities as possible, as well as choosing a greener way to travel.



After 11 days of travelling through some of Europe’s greatest cities including Bruges, Prague, Vienna and Budapest,  the bus reaches Istanbul. From here the legendary route followed by the hippie trailers of the 1960s and 1970s takes passengers through the cradle of civilisation – Turkey, Iran, Pakistan and India.  The region’s cultural diversity and rich history along with unique opportunities for adventure and exploration are countless and ever-changing, with no one trip ever replicating another. Hot air ballooning through Turkey’s Cappadocia landscape; the Blue Mosque of Tabriz; the volatile cities of Tehran and Karachi; bargain hunting in Esfahan’s markets, the Taj Mahal and the holy city of Varanasi – these are just a few of the magical days and places that passengers on the London to Kathmandu trip will experience. On arrival at the mini kingdom of Nepal, it is impossible to refuse the chance to take an elephant back ride in search of the Bengal Tiger, go white water rafting, and fall for the charismatic Sherpas and their offer of some yak stew.


The hardest thing passengers on the London to Kathmandu trip will have to do is say farewell - or perhaps just “arrivederci” – to their new found friends who are carrying on their journey by bus all the way to Sydney.


The trips run 9 times a year, with the first departure on the 14th February and the last on the 26th September. Most of the bus travel is done in daylight hours with plenty of time spent getting to know each destination and its people.


The cost of the London to Kathmandu trip is £2299 per person.  The London to Sydney trip is £4399 per person. (Both include a £300 flight supplement which is refundable in the event that the FCO advisory permits the bus to travel from Tehran to Karachi).



For further information please visit or call T:  +44 (0) 8007319427 to speak to Alastair or one of his team who will be happy to provide information on the journey and chat about particular needs and interests.


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