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OTRUM & Filmbank, bringing HD movies to your hotel

Elke Kaiser, Director OTRUM Movies, comments, “All of the talk in the content business is about HD. Hotels have fabulous TV screens in-room, but don’t really get the most out of them – now with OTRUM HD content you can tantalise your guests with the latest movies! Impress your guest, entertain your guest and drive your revenue growth.”

Filmbank and OTRUM have been working together since 2001, and have a strong partnership that enables OTRUM to provide the highest levels of in-room entertainment, including the VOD Premium service of 70 feature movies updated every 36 days. Filmbank represents Warner Bros., Sony Pictures (Columbia Tristar), Miramax, MGM, United Artists, Walt Disney (Including Pixar and Touchstone), Twentieth Century Fox and Bollywood studio / producer Eros International.

Majella Griffin, General Manager Filmbank states, “Licensing of content is a very strictly controlled area. As a supplier of movies to OTRUM and other partners, Filmbank has to ensure that partners have adopted the latest content protection technologies to prevent content piracy. OTRUM has been through a lengthy process to implement content protection, and therefore we at Filmbank were delighted to give them the early viewing window.”