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Kathy and Ken Walden, two travel enthusiasts, launched and created a new career for themselves. As both were new to the travel industry, .travel presented the opportunity of entrepreneurship for the globetrotting duo.

On Track Travel prides itself with providing the “perfect fit” for its customers. And, the Waldens found the “perfect fit” with .travel in order to start their own travel business. Without a track record in the travel industry, the choice of .travel was clear. Since launch, the Waldens have used the .travel name on everything from letterhead to business cards and emails; the .travel extension is a part of every communication with suppliers, sellers, customers, and industry peers to state their commitment to providing authentic travel information and services.

“I love having the .travel name – even if you’re dealing with a supplier who is unfamiliar with it, it always provokes a conversation,” commented Kathy Walden, co-owner of On Track Travel, “Clients love it. I think it makes us more memorable.”

With specialties in cruises; Disney; and US, Canada, Europe, Caribbean, and Mexico destinations, can consider itself a member of the .travel club. The Waldens are members of CLIA and NACTA.