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OMVS adds ground options to luxury transportation portal

OMVS adds ground options to luxury transportation portal

On the Move Systems Corp. announced today that its rapidly expanding online transportation portal now under development could soon include luxurious options for ground transportation in addition to air travel and logistics.

The plan is part of the company’s bid to create a one-stop online platform for business executives and other niche travel segments to book transport using the same business model as highly successful websites offering unsold hotel rooms. By offering travel and transportation options at discounted rates, the platform will be designed to benefit service providers and consumers alike.

“Ground options from limos to coaches and even rail, potentially, will really help set our platform apart from other travel portals,” said OMVS CEO Patrick Brown. “Global travel is a trillion-dollar industry, and we believe we can deliver astonishing profits by capturing even a tiny slice of this market.”

OMVS is seeking out promising new innovations in an online travel segment forecast by many industry researchers to carry a market value of $300 billion. Online portals such as Kayak, Expedia, Travelocity, Orbitz and more have revolutionised the way travelers book trips, and OMVS is currently exploring new opportunities to foster a similar revolution for travelers looking to avoid the big airlines without paying exorbitant fees.