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NH Hotels launches new line of oxo biodegradable amenities

NH Hotels launches new line of oxo biodegradable amenities

NH Hotels’s has launched its new ‘Agua de la Tierra’ line of amenities which goes one step further in eco design by reinventing its containers so that they are non-polluting. The hotel chain has replaced its traditional plastic bottles with new environmentally friendly bottles which have been certified by the German certification agency DIN V54900-3, in Berlin.

The introduction of the new packaging supports NH Hotels’ aim to ‘Wake Up to a Better World’ where it has pledged to cut back toxic waste generated in the hotel business as much as possible. This has already led the hotel chain to replace plastic with potato starch, in consumable products such as laundry bags and corporate ball-point pens.

The new oxo biodegradable plastics used in the ‘Agua de la Tierra’ line utilise an additive called polyolefin which catalyses the natural degradation process of the materials so that it breaks down in a much shorter period compared with normal plastics - between two to seven years rather than 100 to a thousand.

The introduction of the new ‘Agua de la Tierra’ line, made up of four little bottles (gel, shampoo, moisturising cream and conditioner), throughout the hotel chain’s 60,000+ rooms will mean that no less than eleven million fewer plastic bottles will be put on to the market, without any adverse repercussions for the comfort of the hotel chain’s guests, making for a very large, positive effect on the environment.

In order to achieve its environmental aims, the hotel chain has mobilised its regular suppliers to set up the first NH Sustainable Suppliers Club. This initiative aims to forge alliances with the most environmentally responsible suppliers to help protect the planet. Companies like Amenitiespack, Philips, Johnson, Flex and Telefónica have all entered into alliances with NH Hotels on projects which are aimed at using natural resources with greater respect, saving on energy, water and light and reducing waste.