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New tourism website for Botswana

New tourism website for Botswana

It is often said that half the fun of a vacation is in the planning.

But sometimes finding the right travel advisor to help plan your journey can be a challenging and time-consuming task.

To make this important first step of travel planning easier, Botswana Tourism has launched a dynamic search tool to help pair travellers with Botswana travel advisors who best match their search criteria for vacation preferences and budget.

Located on Botswana Tourism’s regional website for North American travelers, users can also easily locate the Botswana travel advisor company they want to contact by name, if they have a specific advisor in mind.

With one click, they are connected to the company’s landing page and contact information.

In instances a user does not have a specific company in mind, the user can conduct a general search to get a list of companies that match selected travel and budget criteria.

A more refined search can be conducted by entering additional travel preferences – such as cost, length of stay, group size, and preferred accommodations, among others – to narrow the list of “best match” companies.

The search results appear right on the webpage, where the user can review each company’s descriptive landing page.

Users have several options after finding their best company matches: share search result with friends or family, view company profiles online, and/or request a company contact – all without leaving the Botswana Tourism website.

“For many people, a Botswana safari is an ultimate vacation experience.

“The destination offers so much to see and do, and we have so many knowledgeable and dedicated partners who each have their own areas of expertise, that we built this tool to help first-time travelers to Botswana find the right company to help plan their ultimate vacation,” said Leslee Hall, Botswana Tourism office for US and Canada.