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New service for homeowners to turn spare rooms into cash

New service for homeowners to turn spare rooms into cash

For most homeowners the ‘spare room’ is a wonderful warehouse for the storage of little-used exercise equipment and old clothes. However, thanks to a new service from, it is now easier than ever to turn the extra space into extra income.

The website provides an online platform for hosts and bed and breakfast operators to feature their spare rooms to paying guests from all over the world. This emerging trend is proving hugely successful as travellers grow concerned with the costs of regular hotel rooms and the lack of amenities they provide.

From a host’s point of view the opportunity is even greater. Thanks to the current Government’s Rent-a-Room Scheme hosts are entitled to receive up to £4,250 of tax-free gross income each year. Translating to £300 tax-free each month, it’s easy to see why thousands of homeowners are clearing out the junk and opening their doors to globetrotters from all corners of the world.

With London hosting the 2012 Olympics the rates for homeowners renting rooms are at record levels and are adding many properties to their portfolio every day. Other sporting events such as Wimbledon are also seeing the company attract more property owners to the scheme from across the capital.

“In an economy where we’re all facing significant economic challenges, Flexiroom can provide much-needed extra income for Hosts looking to turn their space into extra income by taking advantage of the Rent a Room Scheme” says George Maluge, CEO of


He continues, “The strength of the Flexiroom model is to provide users with the ultimate flexibility and a unique spin on traditional accommodation options. As an incentive to all our hosts, Flexiroom will arrange for a host’s property to be professionally cleaned at no extra cost for every booking above 7 nights, this means that most guests will not have to pay cleaning charges like on other accommodation websites.”

There are no registration or subscription dues and fees are just 4% of each booking. Coupled with commission discounts for hosts with multiple listings and huge insurance savings through Simply Business, the Flexiroom model is poised to change the accommodation landscape for good.

As mentioned, there are no fees for hosts to get started. In fact, every new host is welcome to take advantage of Flexiroom’s free verification service and receive a free welcome pack containing company merchandise.

Other incentives also exist for those who are serious about growing their new income stream. For example, hosts are entitled to a £25 M & S voucher for every 5 referrals which lead to new Hosts creating a profile in the company’s ‘Refer a Host Scheme’.

“In all, we want Flexiroom to become a haven for hosts who are looking to bring in more money each month, grow their network and take full advantage of the Government’s Rent-a-Room Scheme. With the Olympics almost here there are thousands of tourists looking to avoid the inflated prices of hotels and stay somewhere that really feels like home. This is just one opportunity for homeowners to consider; there are many, many more.” Maluge adds.