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New online magazine caters to globally conscious travel community

New online magazine caters to globally conscious travel community
As the year kicks off, a new online travel magazine is offering travelers to Central America and beyond a unique resource for insider advice, inspiring true stories, and stunning photography. The Ambler encompasses the best of travel guidebooks, personal travel blogs, and traveler reviews while offering members of the travel community a forum for conversation.

Amble Resorts' travel blog began in 2008 as an in-house conversation covering trends in sustainability, applications for green technology at the company's flagship eco-development project on Isla Palenque, and the natural, historical and cultural attractions of Panama.

Last fall, after three years of growth, Amble Resorts re-launched The Ambler as an innovative new online resource for travelers. Featuring an impressive catalogue of informative articles and firsthand storytelling from up-and-coming travel writers, The Ambler is bridging the gap between traditional travel publications and online forums. Another distinguishing aspect of The Ambler is its commitment to encouraging others to pursue truly immersive experiences, while respecting the natural and cultural attractions of their destinations.

The environmentally conscious and culturally sensitive perspective found on The Ambler is also pioneering advocacy for tourism in emerging markets with information on off-the-beaten path destinations for which reliable information is currently lacking. Specific destination coverage on The Ambler currently focuses on Belize and Panama, filling a gap left by National Geographic and other established travel resources. Thanks to The Ambler's dedicated team of contributors and travel insiders, visitors to these regions in general and Amble's luxury eco-resorts in particular stand to be better-informed than ever before in their pursuit of meaningful travel. "Emerging markets are frequently neglected by mainstream travel sites," says Benjamin Loomis, Founder and President of Amble Resorts. "With The Ambler, we're creating a resource that offers comprehensive, thorough, insider information on these often overlooked regions. We hope to instill in travelers an appreciation for the natural and cultural significance of these emerging travel destinations."

The unique melange of travel stories, informative articles, tips from industry professionals, and stunning travel photography creates an online experience as immersive as the travel experiences Amble Resorts hopes to provide through its eco-resorts and sustainable vacation home communities. With a commitment to sustainable development practices and cultural awareness, Amble Resorts seeks to create life-changing experiences that allow travelers deeper connection to the earth, other peoples, and each other. Each boutique resort and vacation home celebrates the spectacular natural beauty, authentic culture, and unique spirit of its individual location.


The Ambler has already attracted a wide-ranging audience, from backpackers to expatriates to the most discerning luxury travelers, to share their individual travel experiences and learn about the destinations they hope to discover. Already The Ambler has been receiving high praise from the people it values most: those looking to explore the world by taking the road less-traveled. Meg Chappell, a student of Manhattanville College in New York, found Amble Resorts' online travel magazine to be "the most useful thing I've read on Panama" while planning her two-week vacation in Central America. She also commended the site on its "great off-the-beaten-path advice."

Fostering community is another top priority of Amble Resorts' revamped travel blog. The Ambler encourages dialogue between individuals interested in learning more about sustainable travel in emerging tourism destinations. Members of the Amble Resorts team also participate in a variety of other travel forums, such as Travel Talk on Twitter (#TTOT), a weekly discussion hosted by top travel bloggers. The Ambler is hosting several contests in early 2012 to generate excitement about life-changing travel in the coming year. Those who join the dynamic travel community on The Ambler will enjoy more opportunities than ever before to pursue immersion in nature and culture, with a treasury of adventure stories to inspire them in their journeys.