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New event targets Japanese luxury travel

A new travel trade event is being launched to target Japan’s luxury market. Blossom Japan will be held in Tokyo in January 2011 as an invitation-only, and will be run by Lucioles, the new company headed by Jay Martens, Co-Founder of the Asia Luxury Travel Market (ALTM ).

The event aims to provide worldwide participants with the opportunity to tap into the lucrative but hard to penetrate luxury Japanese market by presenting a forum of one-to-one business opportunities.

Japan is still one of the most significant markets for luxury providers seeking to attract high-end consumers. As the second largest economy in the world with a population of 126 million, it offers the highest numbers of high net worth individual in the Asia Pacific region. Japan’s baby boomer market is one of the wealthiest and largest consumer groups in the world.

Blossom Japan will create a platform for exhibitors to interact face to face with the luxury travel buyers and unique lifestyle providers that serve the Japanese HNWI. A selected group of top international buyers will also be invited to experience this bespoke destination and meet top end providers in Japan.

All buyers will be fully hosted during their stay in Japan whether they come from Tokyo, Hokkaido, Hong Kong or New York.


The exhibitors as well as the buyers are fully hosted during their stay in Tokyo.

Jay Martens, CEO, Lucioles says: “Blossom Japan is the first event that has explored every possible detail of the event experience. As soon as your feet hit the ground in Tokyo, Lucioles and its partners will look after you, starting with transfers to our host hotels, 5-star accommodation and your participation at the show which includes an immaculately designed stand, catering and a personal translator.”

It will commence with a full day conference followed by a three-day exhibition at the Tokyo International Forum.

The exhibition will be facilitated by pre-scheduled appointments ensuring that all attendees are conducting serious business by day, and will be supplemented by a series of social events by night.

One free day in Tokyo is included in the package to allow participants to experience the best that Tokyo has to offer.

Martens added: “Together with our various partners we are looking forward to welcoming you to Tokyo and sharing with you this exciting new travel venture that will be your key to unlock one of the most important luxury travel market in the world”.

Blossom Japan, 18-21 January 2011,