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New Babor Spa in Abu Dhabi

New Babor Spa in Abu Dhabi

Discover a Rare and Refined Experience at The St. Regis Saadiyat Island Resort – The St. Regis Saadiyat Island Resort invites guests on a transformative journey at the region’s first Iridium Spa, offering divine treatments in a transcendental environment. Bringing this elevated pampering experience to life, guests can enjoy expertly crafted treatments provided by BABOR. The spa features “Spa around the World Treatments” that unlock the secrets of nature across the globe. Beautiful skin is revealed with the Asia-inspired ShiTao Treatment for the body and face using shiatsu techniques and heated lava stones. The healing powers of Africa’s marula tree are discovered with the Khanya of Africa Treatment, while the Beleza Vitality Treatment captures the Brazilians’ zest for life. From the SeaCreation massage with tiger shells to an intensive HSR lifting anti-aging treatment, each of the variety of options is customised to suit individual skin types and needs. Those looking for visible results choose the DOCTOR BABOR treatment offering high performance skincare.

Building on a legacy that dates back to 1938 and the grand opening of The Iridium Room at The St. Regis New York, Iridium Spa articulates the same distinctive elegance – both in the enthralling design of its treatment suites and in thoughtful gestures like a welcome tea ritual featuring a special Spa Blend. In order to fulfill its promise of a transformative journey, guests are encouraged to leave their watches and communication devices in a secure vessel upon arrival, bestowing them the rarest luxury of all: time.

Featuring a range of specialized treatments and 12 bespoke treatment rooms (including five for women, five for men, a Vichy room and a couple’s room), Iridium Spa tailors each moment to be as precious as the metal for which it is named. The rarest of metals, iridium shines with an iridescent glow in a spectrum of colors. Embracing its namesake as inspiration, Iridium Spa provides an equally rare spectrum of experiences across an expansive 3,500 square metre facility. Blending traditional remedies with modern technologies, guests can choose to receive treatments in one of three, individually-themed Spa Suites boasting private terraces and pools. The Moroccan Suite is richly designed in gold and bronze, glass and metals while the Contemporary Suite showcases white fur, leather and modern crystal. Soothing the senses, the Thai Suite is designed in natural bamboo and jade.

Each offers a range of massages, facials, couples services, and relaxation programs in addition to Vichy showers, ayurvedic treatments, and Thai and Balinese specialty treatments. Rare and refined, divine relaxation waits at the Iridium Spa.