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New appointment for Amadeus

New appointment for Amadeus

The Shareholder General Meeting (SGM) of Amadeus has approved the proposals presented by the Board of Directors. These included shareholder remuneration, the incorporation of Mr. Luis Maroto to the Board of Directors as Executive Director, and the appointment and re-election of other Board Members.

The SGM approved the appointment of Mr. Luis Maroto to the Board of Directors as Executive Director for a period of three years. This appointment does not represent any changes to his current duties as President & CEO.

The SGM also approved the re-election of Mr. José Antonio Tazón, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Amadeus, as Independent Director; the appointments of Mr. Roland Busch as Proprietary Director representing Malta Pension Investments, and Mr. Marc Verspyck as Proprietary Director representing Air France Finance. Following the appointments, confirmations and re-elections detailed in the Meeting’s Agenda, Amadeus’ Board of Directors will be structured as follows:

Mr. José Antonio Tazón, Chairman, Independent Director
Mr. Guillermo de la Dehesa, Vice-Chairman, Independent Director
Dame Clara Furse, Independent Director
Mr. Francesco Loredan, Independent Director
Mr. Stuart McAlpine, Independent Director
Mr. Pierre-Henri Gourgeon, Director in the “external others” category
Mr. Roland Busch, Proprietary Director representing Malta Pension Investments
Mr. Enrique Dupuy de Lome, Proprietary Director representing Iberia Líneas Aéreas de España Sociedad Anónima Operadora, S.A. Unipersonal
Mr. Marc Verspyck, Proprietary Director representing Air France Finance
Mr. Luis Maroto Camino, Executive Director

The dividend approved from the year 2013’s profit amounts to €280.2 million, equivalent to a final fixed dividend of €0.625 per share, and a 25% increase on 2012’s dividend. Furthermore, this dividend represents a 50% share of the consolidated profits from 2013 (the maximum percentage within the agreed range), resulting in an increase on the previous year’s pay-out ratio, which was 44.6%. An interim dividend of €0.30 per share was already paid on 31 January 2014, leaving outstanding a complementary dividend of €0.325 per share, which will be paid on 29 July 2014.


The full version of the agreements and complementary documentation (both in Spanish and English) relative to the SGM can be downloaded from this section of Amadeus’ website.