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Myett’s Garden Inn joins environmental movement and achieves Green Globe Certification

Myett’s Garden Inn joins environmental movement and achieves Green Globe Certification

Green Globe announced certification of Myett’s Garden Inn Resort in Cane Garden Bay, Tortola, in the British Virgin Islands (BVI). Myett’s Garden Inn was one of the four properties selected to be part of the BVI Tourist Board’s Sustainable Tourism Environmental Program (STEP), launched in November 2011. The BVI Tourist Board under the leadership of the government of the Virgin Islands has taken proactive measures to protect the beauty and the habitat of the BVI and help the territory become the premier destination for sustainable tourism in the Caribbean. Myetts’s Garden Inn successfully achieved the environmental goals set, and is the second property in the territory to become Green Globe certified.

“Being part of STEP and working with Green Globe enabled us to be a more efficient company, and also provided the tools needed to educate my employees on environmental practices, enhancing awareness,” said Valerie Rhymer, Owner of Myett’s Garden Inn, “I hope that Myett’s can act as a catalyst for other businesses throughout the territory inspiring them to join us in this great environmental movement to help protect and sustain the BVI’s beautiful environmental product.”

Myett’s Garden Inn implemented a Sustainability Management Plan to improve the organization, execution, and evaluation of their efforts. Guests are invited to join local environmental and community-related activities, and a comprehensive communication strategy is in effect to promote the property’s sustainability policies and initiatives. Eco-friendly and fair trade products are being purchased where possible, and local suppliers are given preference. Myett’s Garden Inn has a proper waste sorting system in place and unused amenities are donated to local charities.

“We are elated as more and more properties see the significance of preserving and protecting the environment,” said Natasha Chalwell, Policy and Product Development Manager with the BVI Tourist Board, “Sustainable tourism is a vital goal for the BVI Tourist Board, and we aim to help transition the territory to become a more sustainable destination, thus leading the way for sustainable development throughout the Caribbean.”

Green Globe Certification’s CEO, Guido Bauer, commented: “We are extremely pleased to award the certification to Myett’s Garden Inn in the British Virgin Islands. The property comfortably met our requirements, and sets a wonderful example for BVI’s environmental movement. The long-term goal is to stimulate economic growth throughout the territory, while maintaining each unique aspect of this beautiful area.”