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Munich Airport taps into Amadeus technology

Munich Airport taps into Amadeus technology

Munich Airport has adopted and deployed the Amadeus Airport Sequence Manager as part of the A-CDM initiatives that the airport has been implementing and pioneering since 2007.

Amadeus Airport Sequence Manager was developed in collaboration with Munich Airport who acted as a consultant partner during the whole development process. In its constant strive to maximise efficiency, the airport, previously using an inhouse optimisation tool, was looking for a new solution to further enhance the overall airport capacity. Difficult weather conditions were of particular interest and thus de-icing operations were included in the departure sequence.

The Amadeus solution helps Munich Airport unlock airport capacity and reduce slot wastage. The impact of adverse conditions on flight departure planning is reduced, in particular with de-icing procedures and in thunderstorm conditions. The innovative de-icing sequence functions will help the airport limit the impact on airport operations while improving departure time. In addition, the impact of departure restrictions caused by thunderstorms is also limited, contributing to an optimised usage of airport resources. As a result, the capacity of the airport’s runways is maximised and better internal coordination is achieved thanks to the common situational awareness tool provided for all participants in airport operations.

Michael Zaddach, Senior Vice President IT, Munich Airport commented: “Although we were already using a inhouse airport optimisation solution, we looked for a partner to develop a next-gen application that would include a de-icing module. Amadeus was best positioned due to their experience in the global travel industry coupled with their technology platform for airports. Amadeus Airport Sequence Manager contributes to taking our A-CDM initiatives further and brings the capacity of our runways to the maximum level possible. Ultimately, we are convinced that it will play a part in achieving operational excellence, taking Munich Airport to the next level.” 

“Many airports today are largely constrained in their ability to transform the efficiency of airport operations, and are not able to share accurate information across all channels in a timely manner. We have listened to Munich Airport, one of the most innovative in the industry, to develop a solution totally adapted to airports in need of achieving operational excellence, regardless of their location or size. The deployment of Airport Sequence Manager has led to a shared situational awareness among all airport partners which has created a more integrated, intelligent airport system with some good initial results,” commented John Jarrell, Head of Airport IT, Amadeus.