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MTA releases updated version of the subway night map

MTA releases updated version of the subway night map

The opening of the new Bleecker Street transfer and the renaming of the Atlantic-Ave Pacific Street station complex to Atlantic Avenue-Barclays bring with it one more benefit—MTA New York City Transit’s new version of the night map! The latest version of the map will be available at select stations starting this week.

The night map, which now includes the new transfer point, recognizes that overnight subway service is vastly different than daytime service. It outlines scheduled overnight service, when three subway lines don’t run, three are truncated into shuttle trains, six express trains run as locals, and a night-only shuttle operates.

The MTA has printed 25,000 copies of the map alongside the normal one million print run of the standard subway and railroad map. Like the regular map, the night map is available free of charge. However, it will only be available while supplies last. The night maps are currently available at the New York Transit Museum at Boerum Place & Schermerhorn Street in Brooklyn Heights, and at the New York Transit Museum Gallery Annex and Store at Grand Central.

“The first edition of the night map was a fabulous edition to our map offerings and a big hit with Museum visitors,” said Gabrielle Shubert, Director of the New York Transit Museum. “Customers weren’t happy we only gave away one copy per customer, but because it was a limited edition, we wanted to make sure as many museum patrons as possible had a chance to get one.”

The night map was developed in-house by the MTA and like the standard map it folds into a handy pocket-sized document. There’s more—the reverse side of the map shows a work commissioned for MTA Arts for Transit, The Home of the Stars, created by artist Ellen Harvey, is a large-scaled series of mosaic panels that grace the walls of the pedestrian overpass of Metro-North Railroad’s Yankees - E. 153rd Street Station in the Bronx.


“Ellen Harvey’s The Home of the Stars captures a typically spectacular Bronx sky in April and brings a romantic moment into an urban setting while welcoming riders to the community, MTA Arts for Transit Director Sandra Bloodworth said. “The mural provides delight as you contemplate the progression from a radiant cloud-filled sky to a starlit night.”

This stunning piece of artwork is printed on the back of the night map, making the piece a real collector"s item.

As a reminder, customers using trains at night should also use Trip Planner+ at and mobile, which also takes into account all planned work diversions.