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Most Photogenic National Park For Instagram Revealed

Most Photogenic National Park For Instagram Revealed

The Indiana Dunes have been named one of the most Instagrammable National Parks in the United States.
Places to Travel analysed Instagram data and park sizes to determine which park in the US had the most “hashtags per acre.”

According to the website, Indiana Dunes is the ninth best national park in the United States.

The reserve spans over 15,000 acres and totals over 50 miles of trails that wind across the park’s sand dunes, forests, and grasslands. The camping season typically runs from April 1st until October 31st.

However, as the recent research revealed, the Gateway Arch National Park in Missouri is the most photogenic national park.

The study is relevant, as social media keeps playing a key part in where travellers select to go to for holiday or a weekend getaway, with many users heading to their preferred platform to see the top picturesque locations at their destination of choice.