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MMPRC launches new VisitMaldives website

MMPRC launches new VisitMaldives website

Maldives Marketing & Public Relations Corporation has launched a brand new VisitMaldives website with new interactive features at a recent event.

The event was attended by representatives of various stakeholders of the Maldivian tourism industry.

Haris Mohamed, the acting managing director of MMPRC gave a detailed explanation of the new outlook and features of the website.

He explained: “We are very excited to launch this brand new website.

“It has a very sleek and user-friendly outlook.


“The new website consists of new innovative and interactive features which includes a live chat feature, front end registration for guests as well as search listings by atoll.

“We have also completely revamped the Members Area with members now being able to have greater creative autonomy, make online payments in the future, get easier access to our market reports as well as obtain discounted rates for advertising.”

He continued: “We experienced over one million visits to the former VisitMaldives website for the year 2016 in spite of the website being only available in four languages.

“Now, we have included 15 languages and also hope to add extra 15 languages in the future bringing the grand total to 30 catering to key target markets of the Maldives.

“Therefore, we strongly believe that we will be able to attract significantly higher visits and engagements to our website in the years to come.”