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Major Moorgate development application approved

Major Moorgate development application approved

The new scheme will comprise approximately 88,000 sq-ft of new retail and commercial space in the City on Moorgate. The previous 1970s office building and former HQ’s of Amro Bank and Norton Rose, 101 Moorgate, has already been demolished for Crossrail to sink a shaft to provide access to Crossrail’s east and westbound tunnels.

The new development will integrate carefully with the new and existing railway and will be constructed over part of the new Crossrail station and in part over the existing Metropolitan and Circle line tracks to Moorgate.

101 Moorgate is on the west side of Moorgate next to the proposed new western entrance to Crossrail’s Liverpool Street station. The development will wrap over and around the associated ventilation and emergency intervention shaft, the ‘Moorgate Shaft’, for the station.

Ian Lindsay, Crossrail Land and Property Director said: “101 Moorgate will be an office-led mixed-use sustainable development of high quality which is respectful to its surroundings and will help assist in the promotion of the City as the world’s leading financial and business centre.

“These proposals at 101 Moorgate make best use of this centrally located site. The new shop units will provide a significant length of active frontage which, together with the high quality office floor space will contribute positively to the Moorgate area. These plans are further evidence of the lasting legacy that Crossrail will deliver. Crossrail plans to promote over 3 million sq-ft of new development above and around the new railway infrastructure through the heart of London.”


The proposed building in the City has been carefully designed to fit into the surrounding Moorgate area. The building’s height, facades and elevations all relate to existing buildings within this part of Moorgate. Crossrail also plan new attractive urban paving and public space around the new Moorgate station.

The privately funded over-site development project will be built once work to construct Liverpool Street Crossrail station is complete in 2017. Income from over-site developments is a major element of the Crossrail funding package.