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Lufthansa and Austrian Airlines merge cargo division, as AA opens new facility

Lufthansa and Austrian Airlines merge cargo division, as AA opens new facility

Lufthansa Cargo and Austrian Airlines have agreed to step up cooperation between their two companies in the airfreight sector, while American Airlines is set to open a new cargo facility.

Following an agreement between Lufthansa and Austrian Airlines, the flow of cargo traffic through the hubs at Frankfurt, Munich and Vienna will be optimised; with both companies’ global distribution activities merged and product portfolios harmonised.

“Vienna Schwechat will become a central European hub for Lufthansa Cargo comparable to our German hubs at Frankfurt and Munich,” explained Lufthansa Cargo chairman Carsten Spohr.

“Thanks to Austrian’s excellent route network, Lufthansa Cargo customers will also be able to take advantage of direct flights to destinations in all corners of the globe.”

The two companies will jointly route their cargo traffic through the Vienna hub and boost freight flows.


Lufthansa Cargo and Austrian Cargo will also integrate their freight handling and distribution activities in Austria.

In all other countries worldwide, freight activities will in future be amalgamated under the aegis of Lufthansa Cargo.

American Airlines Cargo

On the other side of the Atlantic, American Airlines Cargo Division (AA Cargo) has announced new facilities for its cargo terminal at Los Angeles International Airport.

The facility will offer streamlined handling capability – including a 3,000-square-foot cooler for perishables and expanded areas for courier cargo, mail processing and a designated holding area for live animals.

“AA Cargo’s new facility is designed to enhance our customers’ shipping experience by increasing our cargo handing capability at LAX – one of the world’s busiest airports,” said AA Cargo president Dave Brooks.

“The new facility represents a significant investment, which not only strengthens our cargo operation in Los Angeles, but also solidifies it as a major airfreight hub to and from Asia-Pacific, Europe and beyond,” he concluded.