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Launch of the UK’s first car hire insurance comparison search engine

Launch of the UK’s first car hire insurance comparison search engine

The UK’s first car hire insurance comparison search engine has been launched. From money saving comparison service the unique service can save anyone renting a car at home or abroad a substantial sum of money.

Mark Bower, Managing Director of comments on the innovative car hire excess insurance comparison service;

“More and more consumers are switching on to the idea that they no longer have to accept a second rate product at exorbitant costs from their car rental company - there are real alternatives available. Until now the only way of finding a car hire excess policy was to trawl through individual insurance websites, noting down prices and features before returning to your favoured site.

“All this has now changed with the launch of the UK’s first car hire insurance comparison service from, which cuts the whole process from hours to just minutes with prices and features from around 96 variations of policies compared in about 60 seconds.”

Cars hired in Europe come with insurance that typically excludes the first £1000 of a theft or damage claim. This can leave holidaymakers seriously out of pocket even for a relatively minor incident. In the US and Canada the position is slightly different, with cars coming either inclusive or exclusive of insurance and customers having the option to buy their insurance at the car hire station or independently.


Using the services moneymaxim provide car renters can avoid the excesses in Europe, get full cover in the Americas, and receive additional benefits that are excluded from the insurance policies offered by car rental companies themselves. Research from Which? published in January highlighted insurance charges and undisclosed cover details on car rentals as potential problems of hiring a car abroad.

These rarely cover tyres, windscreens, or the underside of the car - leaving customers with significant risks even if they have bought extended cover directly - all items that are normally covered as standard by insurers on the panel.

Clive Hill, from Berkshire, was one such motorist who was caught out on a holiday to Turkey:

“When the wing mirror of my hire car was clipped by an enthusiastic Turkish driver I assumed that it would be covered by the additional insurance I had taken from the car rental company — in fact when I phoned them to report the accident they even told me it was. It wasn’t until we were back in the UK that we got an invoice from the hire firm, and the credit card we used had been debited £315 for repairs!

Continues Mark Bower;

“Unfortunately stories like Clive’s are all too commonplace — we feel our service is a real addition to the comparison services available in the UK and will not only save customers money and time, but will allow policyholders to know that when they hire their car they are properly covered.”

The car insurance comparison service has been widely welcomed by the car hire excess insurance industry.

Rowan Devereux, Joint Managing Director Blue Insurance Ltd said;

“The car hire excess comparison facility on allows consumers to see the additional benefits Blue Insurances supplies with its car hire excess covers. We believe this type of ‘behind the price’ comparison format which highlights additional covers is crucial in allowing consumers to make an informed choice.”