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Kenya Tourism Board appoints Activ8 Branding in South Africa

Kenya Tourism Board appoints Activ8 Branding in South Africa

Kenya Tourism Board has appointed local agency, Activ8 Branding, as their local in-market representative to further enhance their marketing drive in South Africa.

They have a structured plan aimed at capturing more of the South African travellers to experience the various wonders and treasures that destination Kenya has to offer.

An experienced brand agency with extensive industry knowledge, Activ8 Branding aims to strategically collaborate with the travel trade and media to position Kenya as the preferred travel destination for South Africans within the African continent.

“We are really excited about this appointment. 

“Kenya is a magical destination that is relatively undiscovered by South African travellers, and so to work alongside the Kenya Tourism Board to build relations with members of the travel trade, media and consumers, is a huge honour for us and we are looking forward to cultivating the awareness and delivering, in this market, the recognition it so rightly deserves,” said Tumaini Leshoai, director at Activ8 Branding.


South Africa remains one of the leading tourist sources to Kenya from Africa and is expected to perform even better as efforts to further leverage the relationship with the South African market increase.

Kenya, often described as ‘the cradle of humanity’ is known for its ethnic diversity and effervescent culture attracting thousands of South Africans and international tourists on a regular basis, all in pursuit of uncovering the essence of all this beauty.

Kenya Tourist Board chief executive, Betty Radier, added: “South Africa is an important market for us and therefore we are pleased to be able to drive the market with some strategic campaigns through our new partnership with Activ8 Branding. 

“We have ambitious targets that we are certain that can be met by maintaining cognisance of the niche market in which we operate and catering to unique needs of travellers from South Africa. 

“KTB is aligning its efforts towards creating a full awareness about who we are as country, and the myriad of experiences that have on offer for travellers to Kenya.”

In order for Kenya to differentiate itself and maintain a competitive edge among other destinations, KTB will be highlighting three of its most prominent themes including honeymoons, beach life and wildlife, through various, well thought-out, in market activations.