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Jordan urges calm following terror attack

Jordan urges calm following terror attack

Abed Al Razzaq Arabiyat, the managing director of the Jordan Tourism Board, has counselled tour groups are still running as scheduled following a terror attack in the country over the weekend.

“Visitors continue to fly into our airports and we do not expect this incident to affect the tourism sector as Jordan remains to be an oasis of calm in a turbulent region,” said Arabiyat.

The announcement comes after a group of “criminal outlaws” carried out an attack on a police station in the southern Jordanian city of Karak, in the vicinity of Karak Castle, on Sunday.

This attack left seven members of the security forces, two Jordanian civilians and one foreign visitor dead.

There were also 27 injuries reported as a result of the incident.


All injuries are currently being treated at Karak and Amman hospitals.

“The stand-off ended and the situation in Karak has been neutralised,” added Arabiyat.

“The city has returned to normal with private and public institutions running normally following the diffusion of this isolated incident late Sunday night.

“We would encourage all visitors to remain calm as we are confident in the abilities of our security apparatus.”