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Joint visa for East African tourists

Joint visa for East African tourists

Kenya is to be part of a new joint visa scheme with Uganda and Rwanda which will take effect on January 1st 2014.

At present tourists travelling between the neighbouring East African countries must obtain a separate visa for each nation, therefore Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda are partnering in order to simplify travel arrangements for holidaymakers, as well as creating a new brand for the whole region in turn opening up opportunities for joint marketing campaigns.

Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda are three countries famed for their wildlife which will, through the introduction of a joint visa, to aid regional travel, adding value to the tourism product offerings of these countries and highlighting the diversity of East Africa.

The decision to introduce the Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda joint visa was reached at the 3rd Tripartite Infrastructure Summit in Kigali, Rwanda.

Tourism was one of the main focus areas of the summit which led to the spotlight falling upon ways in which a single tourist visa for the region could benefit each of the participating countries.

The Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda joint visa will cost USD$100.

The current cost of a single entry visa for Kenya is USD$50, for Uganda is USD$50 and Rwanda is USD $30.

Phyllis Kandie, cabinet secretary, East African affairs, commerce & Tourism Kenya stated: “Kenya is delighted to be joining hands with its neighbouring nations in a move that will benefit tourists visiting the diverse region and boost our respective tourism sectors.

“The cross-border visa will support intra-regional travel between the participating countries through new joint marketing and trade opportunities.”