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Jet Airways is going to join a global airline alliance

Jet Airways is going to join a global airline alliance

Mr. Naresh Goyal has announced that Jet Airways, the premier airlines company of India has plans to join a global alliance in near future. This will change the policy of reaching separate pacts with individual carriers.

Joining an alliance take near bout 18 months and it can increase the revenue of airlines by around 5% however this depends upon the agreement between members of alliance and alliance itself as well as on the network feed.

It must be noted here that another major airline company of India, Kingfisher has already announced that it is going to sign a memorandum of understanding to join one world alliance by 2011. Air India, the flagship carrier of India is already a member of STAR alliance which is the largest group of airlines from entire world, but Air India has not integrated operations with it. Another major alliance is SkyTeam.

Till now it has not been disclosed that which alliance will be joined by Jet Airways, but they have already got many offers from different alliance to join. They are in the process of studying the offers and planning for further action. However it can be seen that Jet airlines is closely connected to the members of Star Alliance, such as Air Canada.

According to Wolfgang Mayrhuber, CEO of Deutsche Lufthansa AG which is a founding member of STAR alliance, their alliance is open for two Indian carriers. However, Mr. Naresh Goyal has refused to comment on it.


Currently Jet Airways has code share agreements with Americal Airlines, Qantas, Etihad, Brussels Airlines, Nippon airways and Malaysian airlines.