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Japan Airlines and American Airlines Strengthen Partnership

Japan Airlines and American Airlines Strengthen Partnership

Today, Japan Airlines (JAL) announced the decision to strengthen its partnership with American Airlines (AA). The carriers, both members of the oneworld alliance, will jointly apply to the U.S Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Ministry of Land Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism of Japan (MLIT) for the approval of antitrust immunity (ATI) on transpacific routes.

Upon receiving the approval from the relevant authorities, JAL and AA intend to enter a joint business venture which will enhance their scope of cooperation on the routes between the United States and Japan, through adjustments to their respective networks, flight schedules, and other business activities, allowing both carriers to better complement each other to develop and offer competitive products and quality service to their customers.

The JAL Group Chief Operating Officer and president, Mr. Masaru Onishi said on this occasion: “We have analyzed this issue in great detail, and we are excited at the prospects in terms of the convenience and benefits for our customers. We also firmly believe that the advantages of this development with American Airlines can strongly support JAL at a time when we are striving towards the revival of our business, which we are determined to achieve. We certainly look forward to a deeper, more mutually-beneficial relationship with our long-time partner.”

As JAL undergoes the process of reorganization, it will seize the opportunity presented by this partnership to strengthen its network and further improve its offerings. From hence forth, in addition to the joint business agreement with AA, JAL will also fortify its relationships with other partners in the oneworld alliance, so as to provide customers a comprehensive range of products and services, and become once again, the airline of customer’s choice.