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Italian travel industry to outperform Eurozone for receipts

Italian travel industry to outperform Eurozone for receipts

The Italian travel and tourism industry is poised to outperform the wider Eurozone industry thanks to its focus on tourists from emerging markets, reveals a report unveiled at the inaugural World Travel Market (WTM) Vision Conference–Milan yesterday.

Tourism arrivals into Italy during 2010 increased by 2.2% compared with the Eurozone average of a 2.5% lift, according to The Travel Industry Global Overview by Euromonitor International.

Italy’s tourism arrivals are predicted to rise by only 1.75% this year with a 2% increase in 2012. Overall, tourism arrivals in the Eurozone will increase by 2.78% in 2011 and 2.62% the following year.

However, Italy’s tourism receipts outperform the Eurozone average. Italy saw a 1% increase in incoming receipts in 2010 against a 0.8% increase for the Eurozone. Italy incoming receipts for 2011 are predicted to be 5% up compared to the Eurozone’s 2.2%. The following year should see Italy’s incoming receipts 4.7% higher, with the Eurozone’s still lagging behind on 3%.

Unveiling the findings at WTM Vision Conference–Milan this morning, Euromonitor International Travel and Tourism Industry Analyst Angelo Rossini revealed Italy is poised to benefit from a growth of inbound tourists from the emerging markets of Russia, Brazil, and Poland.


“The Italian Tourist Board plans to increase its investment in the emerging markets of China, India, and Brazil, which is expected to have a significant impact on its continued increased in tourism receipts,” said Rossini.

“Furthermore, Italy could well benefit from the unrest in the Middle East and North Africa by marketing itself better to those countries’ key source markets such as Russia,” Rossini said.

Receipts from Italy’s domestic tourism market will also outperform the Eurozone. A 1.3% increase is tipped for 2011, followed by a 2.5% lift in 2012. The Eurozone is expected to rises of 1% and 1.8% across the two years.

“Italian domestic tourism experienced a sharp decline in 2009 but looks set to pick up until 2012,” said Rossini, referring to “agritourism, gastronomy, and religious tourism” as important sectors.