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International events will bring more than 2,500 people to Florence

The Firenze Convention Bureau is pleased to report that the city of Florence was chosen by the organization committees of four major international events. They will bring over 2,500 people to Florence between 2011 and 2014.

First appointment with the Frontiers of Interaction 2011 June 20th to 21th 2011 (500 participants), the event has beeen won with the support of the Fondazione Sistema Toscana. Frontiers of Interaction was founded in 2005 to explore themes and ideas in the field of interaction and design, quickly establishing itself as the leading conference in Italy on the subject. The event is aimed at different types of audiences, from young start-up Italian investors, bloggers to technology enthusiasts. After the previous editions held in Rome, Turin and Milan, Frontiers of Interaction arrives in Florence from June 20th to 21th. United Cities and Local Government (UCLG) 2011 is scheduled on November from 21st to 22nd 2011 (600 participants), acquired with the support of the City of Florence. UCLG (United Cities and Local Government) is an organization representing local governments with the aim of safeguarding their interests globally. This is one of the most important meetings of local authorities in the world.

On the medical-scientific FCB brought in Florence two prestigious events: the Society for Psychophysiological Research Congress in 2013 (02/06 ottobre 2013 to 700 participants), gathering in Florence the members of this important international scientific society that has aims to promote research on the interrelationships between the physiological and psychological aspects of behavior, and the International Biometric Conference 2014 (5 / 11 July 2014 to 700 participants), an event captured in collaboration with Firenze Fiera. The International Biometric Society is an international company that promotes the development and application of mathematical and statistical theory and methods in the biological sciences and related disciplines.

The FCB thanks the City of Florence, Firenze Fiera and the Fondazione Sistema Toscana for their cooperation in the acquisition of events.