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Hotwire launches monthly Travel Savings Indicator

Hotwire launches monthly Travel Savings Indicator, a leading discount travel site, today released their new monthly Hotwire Travel Savings Indicator, which features the top five cities in North America where hotel, air and car rental rates have dropped the most.

Expanding on the Hotel Rate Report, the Travel Savings Indicator uses the same extensive pricing research to cover the three most popular travel products. The new report helps guide travelers to the best destinations to maximize their travel dollars each month.

The spotlight is on Hawaii for August, where price drops across all three categories are coming at the perfect time to inspire end-of-summer travel. 

“Over the past year we’ve seen travel costs rise higher, and finding great deals takes a bit more skill and know-how,” said Clem Bason, President of the Hotwire Group. “So at Hotwire, we decided to create an all-in-one, monthly tool that helps travelers pick great destinations where they can find the best hotel, air and car rental bargains.

“That way, customers will get the most out of their travel budget and may even have the opportunity to fit in more trips.”


The Hotwire Travel Savings Indicator runs results during the second week of each month. Results are calculated by looking at Hotwire booking data for select regions in the current month, and comparing prices in the current month against Hotwire prices in the same month in the prior year.

Prices are compared within the same categories (e.g., star rating, class of car) for consistency, and the percent change in price for each region is generated as an overall average of the changes in those categories.

The hotel prices in the charts above are examples for a particular Hot Rate deal within that market. The airfare and car rental prices are average prices based on bookings across all car and seat classes. Actual prices may be higher or lower than the examples that are provided.

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