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Hire Luxury Car launches new pan-European website

Hire Luxury Car launches new pan-European website

Hire Luxury Car has announced the redesign of its website which it hopes will allow visitors to easily find a luxury car with cutting-edge design and quality images.

The updated layout features several dozens of luxury cars from various prestige car brands such as Mercedes, Bugatti, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, BMW, Audi, Jaguar, Mini and more.

Cars are available for rental throughout Europe, including Germany, France, Italy, UK, Spain, Austria, Switzerland and other European countries.

The global rental company intends to feature many more locations in the near future, both in Europe and in other continents.

“The new design is an attempt to accomplish two goals - offering our visitors a luxurious and unique browsing experience, while keeping the usability of the site as simple and friendly as can be,” said David Robertson, director of Hire Luxury Car.

“The physical service we provide our clients in the real world is luxurious, effortless and inspiring. We wanted the website to convey that very same feeling.”

The development of the new website took into account the needs and behaviour of typical luxury car rental clients.

On the one hand, the site is designed to inspire visitors who are shopping for ideas before their next driving experience.

It does so, for example, by displaying the latest supercars or cabriolets available for rental in various locations.

On the other hand, the new design also caters for those who know the exact car model they want to hire, down to the trim and colour, by allowing visitors to easily communicate their precise needs by submitting a simple application.

Luxury car hire is considered to be a highly personalized service, mainly due to the specific demands and requirements that come hand-in-hand with a high-end clientele. Thus, Hire Luxury Car does not offer an online payment feature.

Instead, there is a “request a call back” option which allows for a more personal process.

The site offers other VIP and concierge services that are complimentary to the luxury car rental service, such as Chauffeur Services, Meet and Greet Airport Pickup, Wedding Getaways, Gift Vouchers and more. These services are currently offered across Europe.