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Hanh Air Systems becomes IATA strategic partner

Hanh Air Systems becomes IATA strategic partner

Hahn Air Systems, the global consolidation service connecting small, medium and low-cost airlines as well as rail and shuttle providers to all major GDSs worldwide announced that it has become a Strategic Partner of the International Air Transport Association.

The Strategic Partnership Program, comprising of over 300 aviation solution providers helps affiliates to foster relationships with key industry stakeholders.

By joining this exclusive network, Hahn Air Systems, the sister company of airline and distribution specialist Hahn Air is now able to further contribute to the advancement of solutions and standards for the aviation sector and to participate in key areas such as the development of policies and best practices whilst driving innovation.

Hahn Air Systems will also have the advantage of gaining a unique insight into airlines’ and travel partners’ priorities and therefore be able to better serve the industry.

Alexander Proschka, head of Hahn Air Systems said: “By becoming an associate of this Strategic Partnership Program we are able to deepen our understanding of the industry and adequately tailor our products and services to respond to the needs of airlines and the various other travel partners.”