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Green Globe recertifies Music and Congress Centre Lübeck

Green Globe recertifies Music and Congress Centre Lübeck

Green Globe today announced recertification of the Music and Congress Centre Lübeck (MuK), Germany. Located at the river Trave, close to Lübeck’s historical city center, which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this world-famous concert and conference hall hosts conventions and conferences with its unique character while actively practicing economical, ecological, and social sustainability.

Ilona Jarabek, Managing Director of the Music and Congress Centre Lübeck, said: “Our mission statement is simple, but creates a huge challenge at the same time. The main objective in our operations is to consider the economical, ecological, and social issues of sustainability – for the welfare of the human race as well as protection of the environment.”

“This is not just a statement,” added Ms. Jarabek, “We act – or at least try to act – accordingly, under all circumstances and in all possible ways. Green Globe Certification provides the perfect tool – its Standard for Sustainable Travel and Tourism – to help establish and implement a complex Sustainability Management System.”

Green Globe Certification’s CEO, Guido Bauer, said: “The completion of an independent audit found that the Music and Congress Centre Lübeck achieved incredible 92 percent compliance against our standard. This year, we saw an improvement in MuK’s communication of sustainability goals and achievements with guests and delegates, as well as employees and facility owners. Thus, we are very excited to award MuK with Green Globe Certification for the second year in a row.”

Ms. Jarabek added: “I understand that actions start in our minds and those of our employees. It is not just fulfilling the required Green Globe criteria – it is the way we think. The certification process was a great development for MuK, and it consisted of many very small steps.


“The efforts of the conference and event industry will hopefully position Germany as one of the world’s most environmentally-friendly travel destinations.”

Besides drastically reducing CO2 emission, MuK’s own sustainability efforts ensured a cost reduction of more than 200,000 euro.

MuK’s sustainability management includes responsible use of natural resources, preserving and enhancing local cultural and historical assets, practicing corporate social responsibility, and sustaining the environment. When organizing and managing events and conferences, MuK considers purchasing policies, waste management, catering, communication, social aspects, mobility, location, and responsible use of water and energy.