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Green Globe certifies Parkhotel Den Haag, Netherlands

Green Globe certifies Parkhotel Den Haag, Netherlands

“Next to their 100th anniversary this year, earning the prestigious Green Globe Certification award is an important milestone for Parkhotel Den Haag,” said Chrissy van Meersbergen, Consultant with Duurzame Hotels, Nederland B.V., assisting the property in moving towards sustainable management, “It was great to work with such motivated people. They have shown a remarkable commitment to implement sustainability practices on all levels with an exceptional support for charities and a great ambition to improve.”

A long-term sustainability management system is in effect at the Parkhotel Den Haag, where energy and water consumption are strictly monitored. Packaging is reduced to a minimum and a reuse and recycle policy is in place. The hotel works with approved local organizations to collect and process its waste. Respect for the environment is the core value and guests are encouraged to support a carbon-neutral stay and reduce their environmental footprint. Cleaning of bed linen and bathrooms is provided on request or every four days, and all cleaning products are biodegradable and eco-labeled. The hotel developed a line of amenities free of petrolatum, mineral oils, synthetic colors, animal ingredients, and solvents. Furthermore, the property offers bicycle rentals and two hybrid cars to their customers. Fair trade and local goods, products, and services are given preference, and awareness is actively promoted among suppliers.

The Parkhotel Den Haag is a member of “Natuurmonumenten,” a non-profit society dedicated to improve the quality of life in the Netherlands, by preserving nature, landscape, and cultural history. Acquiring natural areas, the society can protect native animals and plants and enable people to enjoy the countryside by providing footpaths, cycle paths, observation points, and excursions.

Green Globe Certification’s CEO, Guido Bauer, said, “We are delighted to certify the Parkhotel Den Haag in the Netherlands. This hotel shows outstanding efforts in their dedication to protect the environment and creating awareness among staff, clients, and suppliers. Employees are being trained following the four sustainability principles as guidelines, and daily eco-gestures, such as how to use a product correctly in order to avoid any waste, are being followed.”