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Green Globe certifies Gorgonia Beach Resort, Red Sea Egypt

Green Globe certifies Gorgonia Beach Resort, Red Sea Egypt

Green Globe today announced certification of Gorgonia Beach Resort, on the Red Sea in Marsa Alam, Eqypt. This 5-star deluxe resort is located in the protected Wadi el Gimal Marine Nature Park, which covers both land and marine habitats, including 4,770 sq km of desert and around 2,000 sq km of sea and coral reef.

Green Globe Certification CEO Mr. Guido Bauer said: “Gorgonia Beach Resort is located next to some of the most pristine diving sites in the world today. Its rich marine biodiversity attracts travelers from around the world and it is impressive to see the resort taking a proactive step of becoming Green Globe certified. With their sustainability management plan in place, they will do well protecting the natural asset their guests enjoy so much.

“Is is also a testament to the ethos of Gorgonia Beach resort that twice a month they organize a beach clean-up day and invite their guest to be involved. This initiative is combined with snorkeling and other fun activities and together more than a 100 large garbage bags are removed, with the vast amount of the material coming from areas outside the resort.”

Gorgonia Beach Resort representative, Mr. Johannes Girardi, said: “Receiving Green Globe certification attests to the strict compliance to our 360-degree eco-sustainability approach, meaning all-round management.

“The Green Globe Standard provides our resort with a structured evaluation of our performance, as an eco-tourism company, in relation to contributions to the local economy, ecology, civil liability, and sourcing local goods and services.”


Wadi el Gimal Marine Nature Park, home to Gorgonia Beach Resort, was established in 2003 with the aim of working with the local communities to preserve and develop the geological and landscape heritage of the area, its indigenous flora and wild fauna, and the Roman-Islamic-Ababda cultural mix.