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Green Globe certifies El Dorado Spa Resorts & Hotels, and Azul Hotels

Green Globe certifies El Dorado Spa Resorts & Hotels, and Azul Hotels

Green Globe announced certification of four Karisma Hotel properties: Azul Sensatori Resort in Puerto Morelos; El Dorado Maroma Resort, El Dorado Seaside Suites, and Hidden Beach Resort, in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. The Karisma Group has taken significant steps to form their own sustainability culture among collaborators, guests, shareholders, and suppliers, allowing a more efficient use of all their natural, social, and cultural resources. Their dedication to create an eco-friendly environment has an impact on the entire local tourism sector in the area.

“To earn the prestigious Green Globe Certifications award with four of our properties at the Mayan Riviera is the greatest recognition of our commitment to innovation and continuous improvement of our internal processes,” said David Ortegon-Martinez, Corporate Sustainable Development Coordinator with the Karisma Group, “Some of our major achievements include an average reduction of 11% water consumption and 12% electrical energy consumption. All our certified properties use biodegradable cleaning products, and we could lower the use of laundry detergents by 32%. Our improved recycling processes resulted in an 8% increase in the income obtained from waste management, including more than 3,000 liters of used vegetable oil, which was processed and turned into biodiesel for a local authorized company. This step avoided the potential pollution of 30,000,000 liters of water and reduced the costs for processing that oil through our Water Treatment Plant.”

The Karisma properties implemented a Sustainable Management System (SMS) at the corporate level, establishing goals, indicators, activities, and control mechanisms to integrate sustainability principles into the hotel’s daily operation to increase awareness and responsibility. Furthermore, each property promotes an environment of respect and teamwork, and staff members benefit from a variety of workshops and training supporting the Mayan culture, gender equity, and human rights. In conjunction with local organizations, the company offers specialized lectures on reproductive health, disease detection (breast cancer, diabetes), while access to health centers is provided at a very low cost to team members and their families. Rotation of staff is far below the national and regional average.

Green Globe Certification’s CEO, Guido Bauer, commented, “We are very pleased to award the certification to the El Dorado Spa&Resorts and Azul Hotels by Karisma. Those properties show outstanding efforts in their commitment to protect the environment and contribution to the sustainable development at the Mayan Riviera. We are working with the other Karisma hotels to achieve the same recognition very soon.”