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Green Globe certifies Club Med Wengen in Switzerland

Green Globe certifies Club Med Wengen in Switzerland

Green Globe announced certification of Club Med Wengen in the Bernese Oberland in southwestern Switzerland.

This resort is the 27th Club Med Village to receive certification for its sustainability achievements. With 39 percent of its villages certified, Club Med aims to have all villages certified within the next 2 years.

Club Med Wengen uses 69 percent renewable energy, and has a management system that optimizes heating, ventilation, and lighting throughout the property. All kitchen taps feature regulators to minimize water consumption, and the hotel encourages guests to use water and energy responsibly. Staff is trained to keep detergent use to a minimum and to sort waste by separating glass, packaging, paper, wood, cooking oil, batteries, light bulbs, and ink cartridges, as well as dangerous waste. Specific signage has been installed in each department.

Like all Club Med Resorts, Club Med Wengen respects the local environment, actively contributes to preserving local culture and nature, and ensures that guests get to know their host country. With an activity program reflecting local traditions, Club Med Wengen has organized visits to concerts of traditional music, a culinary tour of Wengen village, and an illustrated lecture about the region and its culture.

Julia Thibault, Environmental Officer of Club Med Wengen, said, “With Green Globe Certification, our team members work on a common and meaningful project. The team plays an essential role in conveying our sustainability goals and achievements to our guests who are very impressed with Club Med’s commitment. Our activities to promote Swiss culture, such as the culinary tour of Wengen village, were very successful. It is important for us to engage our guests and raise awareness about sustainable tourism.”


Club Med Wengen has also made a financial contribution to UNESCO to help preserve the nearby Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2001. Club Med offers excursions to this unique travel destination between the cantons of Berne and Valais, making guests aware of the need to protect the rich alpine fauna and flora by providing books about the Jungfrau region.

Green Globe Certification´s CEO, Guido Bauer, said: “We are pleased to award Club Med Wengen with Green Globe Certification. The resort is situated within beautiful nature, where guests can enjoy alpinski and snowboarding against the backdrop of the Eiger mountain. The regions of the Bernese Oberland and Valais have been popular tourist destinations since the 19th century; and the Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch site stands for the natural beauty of the Alps, with its impressive Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau rock massif and the Great Aletsch Glacier. The alpine scenery is gradually transformed over different altitudinal vegetation zones, into a rocky steppe. This rich diversity of landscapes and ecosystems creates an overall picture of outstanding beauty and needs to be preserved.”

The Jungfrau-Aletsch protected area, comprising the Aletsch Glacier, contains the largest glaciated area in western Eurasia. Around 90 percent of the area is covered with rocks and ice. Its diverse flora and fauna features 1,250 species, 1,800 plants, and 700 mosses. Common species include chamois, alpine ibex, red deer, and smaller mammals including the mountain hare, fox, ermine, marmot, and lynx.