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Grasp Technologies launches two new divisions

Grasp Technologies launches two new divisions

Grasp Technologies today announced the launch of two new divisions, Grasp Emerging Markets and Grasp Enterprise Solutions.  The Emerging Markets division will focus on Grasp's growing footprint in various international markets, while the Enterprise Solutions division will help corporate clients gain a better understanding of the data across their organization to make better business decisions, saving them time and money.  Grasp has been working with corporations for a number of years, so a full-time division just for corporate clients will serve to further enhance their offering. 

"Travel is the third largest controllable expense in any company," said Dave Lukas, VP Global Sales and Development.  "Working with our TMC partners, we can provide corporations the ability to consolidate data across multiple platforms to have a global view for making decisions.  Grasp Secure Connection Technology can bring together disparate data sources to provide data enrichment alongside and with travel data that corporations traditionally have not been able to do.  Launching the new Enterprise Solutions division helps us to focus more precisely on the growing demand for these kinds of solutions for our corporate clients."

Grasp works with corporate clients to bring data together from multiple sources, including travel data, credit card data, and expense system data, helping them save in excess of 10% on their travel budgets.

50% Revenue Increase in 3rd Quarter
In addition, Grasp also announced their 3rd quarter year-over-year growth of more 50%.  The company continues to produce record revenues each quarter. 

"Our growth in revenue is closely tied to our high-quality service standards – our clients are the most important part of our business and they continue to come to Grasp for the solutions they need," explained Erik Mueller, CEO of Grasp Technologies.  "We are honored to work with them, and I am proud of our staff as they continue to innovate and find solutions to complex problems in our industry." 


As Grasp continues to see tremendous growth in their core business, they are also expanding strategically into other markets and industries, which may necessitate the launch of other future Grasp divisions. 

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Grasp Technologies are experts at helping companies worldwide know the unknowable by creating custom solutions that help them quickly adapt to constantly changing business climate and customer needs.  With more than six core products and an arsenal of custom solutions, GRASP is a leading provider of data technology for the travel industry and other industries throughout the world.  Erik Mueller, founder and CEO of Grasp, often says that "There is nothing we cannot do with data!"  Founded in 1996, Grasp provides unmatched customer service and serves as an ongoing source of knowledge and expertise for both customers and anyone in need of data and technology support.  Grasp has offices in both San Diego, CA and Columbus, OH.

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