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Goalposts moved for professionals seeking immigration visas to live in Australia

Goalposts moved for professionals seeking immigration visas to live in Australia

Less than two weeks ago, the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship quietly released an overhaul of its immigration and visa regulations via its official website. The changes involved a reorganisation of the priority processing of certain skill sectors and will have an immediate effect on anyone about to apply, or those who have already applied, for an Australian visa.

The occupations that Australia welcomes are listed on the CSL (Critical Skills List) which was only introduced in December 2008. Now, due to the worldwide recession, the CSL has been reshuffled to help fill the critical skill shortages that the Australian government has identified. This has resulted in some occupations being bumped to the top of the ‘Wanted’ list, whilst some others have dropped down (or off it altogether), so migrants whose skills are not in demand will face a much longer wait for their Australian visa applications to be processed…in some cases a minimum of three years. Whilst the changes may be welcomed by those who will benefit from the re-organisation, many will be back at square one after already spending a significant amount of time and money on their visa applications.

The professionals that will now be fast-tracked through the system are dentists, doctors, civil engineers, occupational therapists, psychiatrists, midwifes, secondary school teachers and accountants. Priority will be given to applicants with existing employee sponsorship, and people who tick both of these boxes should have their Australian visa completed and approved within twelve months.

The effects of the CSL overhaul is understandably causing widespread consternation and confusion amongst hopeful Australian immigrants – even some smaller or inexperienced visa agencies may struggle to understand and interpret the rule reshuffle. Now more than ever before, people seeking an Australian visa are advised to seek expert guidance in order to get up-to-date and relevant advice for their individual circumstances, to be patient and yet be flexible and responsive. Australian immigration law is renowned for being constantly revised and further changes are expected in the not too distant future.

“Australia - like all economies in this current economic climate - is re-assessing their skills requirements,” says Liam Clifford of Australian visa specialists Global Visas, “It’s a popular destination with a high standard of living, and now its especially important when a person is considering migrating to Australia that they are decisive and able to act quickly…as this legislation change now highlights.”


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