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Global visas announce 123% increase in British workers emigrating to Australia

Global visas announce 123% increase in British workers emigrating to Australia

Thanks to the recession here in the UK (along with the weather) many people are packing their briefcases and leaving the country for a life down under. Global Visas, who provide immigration and visa advice for professionals, have seen a 123% increase in the number of British customers seeking to acquire an Australian work visa in the past year.

“We’ve experienced a massive rise in enquiries about living and working in Australia,” says founder of Global Visas Liam Clifford, “as the gloomy economy and weather prompts people to look for a better lifestyle overseas. In response to this demand we’ve now opened a new Australian office which is already incredibly successful.”

Australia is very attractive for those thinking of leaving the UK: it has better weather, beautiful beaches, a stable economy (compared to the UK) and a lower crime rate. Combine these advantages with Australia’s skills shortage, and many professionals and skilled workers such as nurses, electricians and dentists are looking to move to Australia for a better quality of life.

Many people are also looking to leave the UK to live in such destinations as South Africa and Canada, Global Visas has had an increase in turnover of over 40% in the last 12 months as they respond to such a demand in emigrating.

“Global Visas provides the in-depth knowledge of a multinational network of staff to our clients who are looking to emigrate,” continues Liam, “combined with sound advice and a fast and efficient visa service. Whether clients are qualified professionals or have a desirable skill or trade, we are best placed to help them achieve their Australian dream!”