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GetThere offers discounted Wi-Fi inflight

GetThere offers discounted Wi-Fi inflight

Travel technology company Getthere has partnered with Gogo to provide inflight Wi-Fi services at a discounted rate. 

Under the agreement, GetThere users can access special pricing on daily and annual Gogo passes for in-flight Wi-Fi.  With the passes, GetThere customers using laptops, tablets and other Wi-Fi enabled devices can access Gogo’s exclusive in-flight Internet network and services.

“GetThere knows that business travel is personal for the employee on the road,” said Paul Wiley, chief product and strategy officer for GetThere. “In today’s always-on world, business travelers need to stay up-to-speed on what is going on with their employees, customers and family. Helping travelers access discounted in-flight Wi-Fi services at the same time they book their business travel makes it easier for travelers to stay connected in the air, increasing productivity during the trip and giving employees more time with their families and friends when they get back home.”

Gogo Wi-Fi is currently available on nearly 1,200 aircraft spread across eight major airlines including all AirTran Airways, Delta Air Lines, and Virgin America flights and select Air Canada, Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, United Airlines, and US Airways flights.

“We are excited that GetThere will be the first corporate booking tool to offer their customers the opportunity to purchase Gogo as a part of their travel options,” said Ash ElDifrawi, Gogo’s chief marketing officer. “This partnership will help put Gogo in front of the many business travelers that GetThere serves as they make their travel decisions.”


According to the results of the 11th annual GetThere Corporate Travel Benchmark Survey, 51 percent of businesses are reimbursing business travelers for the cost of in-fight Wi-Fi, an increase of 64 percent from 2010.

“On-board Wi-Fi is clearly viewed as a valuable productivity tool by CIOs, CFO’s and corporate travel managers today,” Wiley continued. “At GetThere, we’re committed to helping corporations build the most effective managed travel programs by meeting the expectations of corporate customers and the needs of travelers at the same time.”