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Gerard Depardieu apologises for latest outrage

French film star Gerard Depardieu has apologised after apparently urinating on the floor of a CityJet flight bound for London.

Known as much for his outrageous antics as for his acting, the French actor had apparently been caught short before deciding to relieve himself into a bottle during taxing on the runway in Paris.

However, his aim was found to be lacking, leading to the carpet being soaked and Depardieu being asked to leave the flight.

The plane was subsequently delayed by two hours while the carpet was cleaned.

CityJet – a subsidiary of Air France – later Tweeted: “As you may have seen on the news, we are busy mopping the floor of one of our planes this morning…”

“We would like to remind all passengers that our planes are fully equipped with toilet facilities.”

The French actor has since apologised.