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GE to launch National Rail advertisement

GE to launch National Rail advertisement

GE Transportation, a unit of GE, announced today that the Company will launch a new GE Works commercial on March 28 featuring employees from its plant in Erie, Pennsylvania. GE Transportation manufactures its Evolution Series locomotive and other transportation-related equipment at its more than 100-year-old site.

The commercial follows GE Transportation Erie employees who design, build and support GE’s most technologically advanced and fuel efficient locomotive and then experience its awe-inspiring power as it pulls a mile-long BNSF freight train in the Columbia River Gorge in Washington State. “I’m a bigger is better kind of guy. I absolutely love building locomotives,” says GE Transportation welder Scott Slawson in the spot.
Lorenzo Simonelli, President and CEO of GE Transportation, said: “Our employees star in the most recent GE Works ad and they are the stars of our business. They make all the difference and help shape the future of the
transportation industry.”

The TV commercial is the fifth in a series of similar narratives celebrating employees at GE Aviation, Healthcare, Energy, and Appliances, and their products in action. In 2011, GE Transportation announced 2,400 new jobs in the U.S. and filled 1,300 jobs in Erie. GE’s transportation business plans to invest $136 million in new technology, manufacturing improvements and facility upgrades at its Erie plant through 2012.

According to an economic impact study released by independent research firm Tripp Umbach in April 2011, GE Transportation has a total economic impact of $3.6 billion on Northwest Pennsylvania and $4.6 billion statewide. GE Transportation’s operations generate $1 of every $130 in the state’s economy. Every GE job supports close to three additional jobs across the state. GE Transportation supports one in 11 jobs in Erie County.
The GE Transportation spot will air on TV stations across the United States on Wednesday, March 28, and be accessible to a global audience at, YouTube and other social media channels.