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Gaddafi’s son killed in air strike

Gaddafi’s son killed in air strike

The son of Colonal Muammar Gaddafi and a number of his family members have been killed in a NATO air strike, according to media reports.

The strike, which took place in the Libyan capital of Tripoli, is thought to have killed Gaddffi’s son, Saif al-Arab and three of his grandchildren, whilst Gaddafi reportedly remains unharmed in a local villa.

A NATO spokesperson revealed in a statement released today that the strike was part of NATO’s coherent strategy to disrupt, and destroy the command and control of those forces which have been attacking civilians. He did not admit to or deny hitting any specific individuals.

“All NATO’s targets are military in nature and have been clearly linked to the Qadhafi regime’s systematic attacks on the Libyan population and populated areas. We do not target individuals,” said Lieutenant-General Charles Bouchard, Commander of NATO’s Operation Unified Protector. 

He added: “We regret all loss of life, especially the innocent civilians being harmed as a result of the ongoing conflict.”


The FCO is still advising against all travel to Libya.and urge any remaining British citizens to leave, as a result of the NATO airstrikes which began on March 19th and are taking place in and near Tripoli, Zintan, Ajdabiya, Brega, Sirte and Misurata.