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Fujita Kanko expands into Taipei

Fujita Kanko expands into Taipei

Japanese hospitality company Fujita Kanko, headquartered in Tokyo, has opened an office in Taipei.

Taiwan is Japan’s third largest inbound market, according to the Japan National Tourism Organisation, after Korea and China.

It is also among the top four destinations for Japanese tourists.

In 2011, Taiwan and Japan signed an open skies agreement, which is expected to greatly increase air traffic between the two countries and result in an increase in tourists to both countries.

Fujita Kanko intends to use its Taipei office to promote its 50 plus properties throughout Japan and build recognition for its established businesses among travellers and other stakeholders in Taiwan.

It also aims to leverage its expertise in hospitality, leisure travel, meetings, weddings and banquets to build business in Taiwan as well.

“We see growing opportunities in Asia, and the Taiwan market is very important for us,” said Kazumasa Suezawa, Fujita Kanko president.

“We have a 57-year history in the Japanese tourism industry, and offer some of Japan’s most upscale properties.

“We have always been fortunate to have many guests from other Asian countries.

“We are eager to increase global awareness of our properties to welcome more international travellers, including Taiwanese.”