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Four airlines select Amadeus for car rental services

Four airlines select Amadeus for car rental services

Amadeus has revealed that four major airlines – Air France, Lufthansa, Qatar Airways and TAM – have recently implemented Amadeus Cars which will enable them to generate additional revenue by offering their clients car rental services through their websites. With these four new implementations, a total of 14 airlines worldwide now use Amadeus Cars.

Amadeus Cars comprises of a wide range of online solutions that allow airlines maximum flexibility when offering car rental to their customers, and which can be adapted to match the airline websites’ look and feel. The airline is able to integrate the car rental services at different stages of the booking process: from the moment the travel buyer enters the carrier’s website, through the various steps of the ticket purchase and up to the post-flight sales. Amadeus Cars provides access to real-time rates and availability from 33 providers with over 37,000 locations worldwide.

By partnering with Amadeus, airlines are able to offer travellers the benefits of a one-stop-shop solution which integrates trip details in a single itinerary, facilitating travel planning and organisation. Car rental companies, in turn, can increase their reach through the airline websites which could lead to a substantial customer growth.

Peter Altmann, Head of Amadeus Cars said: “The fact that four major airlines have chosen Amadeus Cars to implement rental car booking on their websites reinforces our position as market leader, and shows that the Amadeus solution responds to the carriers’ need to differentiate their offer and to generate new revenue in an environment of tight margins”.