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Fedha Technologies launches SaaS application for smaller hotels

Fedha Technologies launches SaaS application for smaller hotels

The hospitality industry has long been dominated by hotel giants whose brand publicity and resources prevent the majority of travelers from ever discovering the little local gems tucked away in popular travel destinations. Small hotel chains, motels, bed and breakfasts, and boutique vacation rental businesses don’t have the same access to resources, so they often get missed by even the most eager travelers. No more!

FedhaTECH delivers innovative solutions for small to medium-sized hospitality and rental businesses

Thanks to the opportunities offered by online bookings and progressive property management software like the new system from Fedha Technologies, that kind of monopoly is a thing of the past. FedhaTECH, the new release from Fedha Technologies, promises to change the way that small hotels and property rentals do business, providing them with inexpensive access to sophisticated tools that rival those used by the big players in the hospitality industry.

FedhaTECH is an intuitive, easy-to-use property management system for small to medium-sized hospitality and rental companies. With this Software as a Service (SaaS) option, small hotels, motels, resorts, apartments, and even event locations will be able to manage and promote their services to customers around the globe - providing them with a broader platform, more efficient booking and management options, a larger potential customer base, and greater income potential.

Cloud-based software solutions for the real world


FedhaTECH is offered on the basis of SaaS - cloud-based “Software as a Service” - which makes it an inexpensive solution that’s accessible to small and medium-sized hospitality property businesses at a price point scaled to their level of usage. Chains with hundreds of rental vacation homes or hotel rooms will pay more than a single bed and breakfast or family-operated inn, making the service accessible and practical.

Property management and channel distribution products in a single package

FedhaTech’s property management platform is loaded with crucial tools and features, including front desk management, online bookings and reservations, POS, yield management, client histories, availability and channel management, billing and online payment system integration, travel agency tools, and more…but that’s not all.