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Falklands set to welcome Prince William in 2012

Falklands set to welcome Prince William in 2012

With a relatively small population of 2,500 residents, but a large offering of unspoiled landscapes and abundant wildlife, the Falkland Islands preparing to welcome the Duke of Cambridge to their 740-plus island archipelago from next February.

Prince William will deploy for training as a helicopter rescue pilot early next year.

And, while he is likely to be bust with his duties with the Royal Air Force, the local community has asked he also fine time to enjoy the beauty and hospitality the British Overseas Territory is known for.

Suggestions include a visit to Volunteer Point, a white sandy beach which offers a haven to bird activity, or the Sea Lion Island nature reserve, home Sea Lion Lodge, which runs on the use of solar panels and wind turbines.

Getting around the Falklands will probably already be familiar territory for the Duke, however, with FIGAS - Falkland Islands Government Air Service – flying visitors to a handful of settlements and Outer Islands across the archipelago from Stanley Airport on daily, non-scheduled flights.

The visit in early 2012 coincides with the 30th anniversary of the Falklands conflict between the UK and Argentina and which will be commemorated with numerous events throughout the year.

However, the future king is unlikely to take part in any ceremonial events during his posting.

Indeed, Brugo Marco, the Argentine official with responsibility for the South Atlantic territory, branded the move a “provocative act” on the part of the British.